a world in which the landscape itself 'sees'
Oppression is when force of habit resists the creative process


I must not look on reality as being like myself
softened by shadow
under a winter 
under the surge of the blue


I am a natural part of the general multiplicity only when my centre has power – when it is fully inhabited, and thereby fully activated. It is active being – being active – that drives me into my centre, more by necessity than by design (design is always doomed to failure).
We excel to the degree that the energy we expend exceeds our survival.


things provide their own luminosity


becoming all the more earthly by inventing laws of liquids and gases on which the earth depends


Only from an unambiguous centre do I adequately embrace, and so intensely create.
Rare & strange
Intensity stresses time
We are punished by our sins, not for them

Elbert Hubbard
While reality is infinitely complex, it presents no problems


When I am in my centre there is only outward, but when not centred there is only a yearning for inside.
Centre is unequivocal: singular. It is a place from which energy can only travel out, and so a place of no second thoughts.
We become internal by investing in our exteriority; that is, we find our centre/core by thrusting out from it rather than by looking into it.
From the outside there is no answer, but from the inside there is no question


"I can't do the work for you; and if I could, I wouldn't."

John Kells


tension is created by the fact that matter finds its home in space, whereas life finds its home in time
Power is in the connexion
We only really grasp reality when we let it slip through our fingers


To establish possession of an abandoned city, does a javelin thrown against the door suffice, or must the door be touched by a finger?
We do not know what a body can do


a nomadic propertyless existence
Negative action is motivated by fear; positive by spirit
A sense of humour keeps me slippery


Tension is only wrong when used to hold on to something that would ordinarily pass.
Our only teachers are those who tell us 'do with me,' and are able to emit signs to be developed in heterogeneity rather than propose gestures for us to reproduce.
The good student falls in love with taichi, then practises at every opportunity.


Desolidify the body; destabilize the mind.


the idea that your own light becomes shadow in the overwhelming light of the divine, so bright, the only metaphor for it is darkness
one takes up or lays down rhythms
history is an attempt to make the past seem stable
No longer an authority.


Spirit rectifies; and without it nothing can be right.
events of a geological kind,
rather like an earth tremor
elastic & fluid
fragmentary wholes


dive into the Dionysiac delirium of Substance


utterly intimate and yet utterly impersonal


Fear is the passion of slaves.




Joy and anxiety are mutually excluding – when anxiety dissipates then joy naturally springs to the fore. If not, then we are still anxious – anxious about being anxious.
Don’t write about what you think, or what you think you know, write about what puzzles you.


Grind to dust the stubborn stone of obstinacy


Making a difference
by interrupting the habitual state of practical distraction


a buoyant prelapsarian naturalness
A gift well given comes (and goes) with a blessing – an excess of goodwill. So when we speak here of freedom we mean the freedom to give and receive blessings.


human life cannot in any way be limited to the closed systems assigned to it by reasonable conceptions


A deep, but dazling darkness
great mystics are people who become perfectly transparent vehicles for the singular creative force that surges through all living things
to affirm is to create, rather than to bear or to endure


thought must be directed against reason without ceasing to be thought
Never work against the grain.
To become what one is, one must not have the faintest notion what one is.
essentially irreducible to language