the truth is dangerous – it will drive you out into the cold
Spiritual life is built on humility – emptying of self before the Other.
Love is not a bargain, but unconditional giving
a restlessness – a heightened sense of things
hesychast & kenotic


summoned to be perfect


spirit delves into everything


irritate the consensual
sentient & dissentient
faith without assurance


Trusting fate, I just spend my time.
studying the wind
start from scratch
astonish the heavens and shake the earth
He set out precise directions for seated meditation: pick a quiet room; sit on a round cushion atop a mat; cross legs in either full-lotus or half-lotus; bring hands together, palms up, thumbs together; sit straight, leaning neither right nor left, forward nor back; close lips; keep eyes open, alert. He adds psychological directives: "Let go of all involvements and let myriad things rest. Do not think good or bad. Do not judge right or wrong. Stop conscious endeavor and analytic introspection."
the tender cadence of disaster
to cultivate the courage necessary to continue the pursuit of a truth procedure


having stripped off the old man
An investigative intellect has its limitations, namely that whatever it perceives must be illuminated by its own corrupting light, borne of the arrogance to presume that the world is predisposed to be known (by it). The alternative to knowing is believing – faith. It comes when I have the maturity and humility to withdraw the glare of my critical mind, and simply join. This withdrawal and joining is repentance, because in the absence of thinking what do I do but weep tears of contrition? In taiji terms, hollow chest is the repentant heart: immersing in energy.
the pattern of all patience


When resentments clear then repentance begins.
Only after forgiving can one be forgiven.
Giving comes first.
The monk must ever hold himself ready as though he were to die tomorrow, and in turn must treat the body as though he would have to live with it for many years.


Letting go is called Forgiveness.
The fangs of malice start life as pangs of resentment.
Success at taiji depends upon two things: taking Earth as Mother and Teaching as Father.
become one and indwelling
free of all names ... bare of all forms
rare & subtle
Events in dense fog
Cultivate a passion for practice
Spirit doesn't just win the fight, it starts the fight in the first place.
We desperately need to break the illusion of individual freedom, and get back to a life of obligation and destiny.
eternally sink down, out of something into nothing
When the resentful heart relaxes its hold on suffering, then, and only then, the body (energy) sinks, drawn by gravity to Earth, and the heart (energy) soars, drawn by God into Destiny.
We grow up when we forgive mum and dad.


poised in equilibrium
Love is giving the heart away – to the Other – to God.


Compassion for things I’ll never know
My fire will destroy,
Destroy everything.
We must practice in a way that removes the barrier between practice and non-practice.