In meditation one simply sits, passive, allowing the agencies of energy, within and without, to operate and slowly manifest a soul.
If you can't muster a smile then you're getting it wrong.
Overtime, over time.
The molten snow 

is flowing downhill 

Just like water. 


Relaxation in Taiji is never a slump into mediocrity, never a settling in the middle, but a vital drift to two extremes. One an extreme of substance, of self, of contraction and withdrawal, of gravity – my own and Earth's. The other an extreme of activity – of light and lightness – of exuberance and expansion – of madness and spirit. For us relaxation is contradiction – the joy and play of being one and the other rather than either/or.
Joy is the consequence of trust (in the natural process).

Far from stressing you into strength, the work, when it really works, brings you to the brink.


Self is heavy with habit. It is its own momentum; necessarily self repeating. Spirit is weightless, at once everywhere and nowhere. Together they make change and time. Without the other nothing would be or become.
The master is one who has finally learnt to serve, and is now ready to pass this learning on. And that is all.


This life that struggles to connect yet always returns to separation.
Gaze into the eyes of the other and what do you see? Your own reflection. It's inescapable.

Blessed with difficulties.
Thinking is akin to murder: it may seem to solve a problem but the consequences are dire.
Meditation is concerned with movement through time – with process. How do I pass from this moment to the next? We recommend what I call 'becoming amoeba': breaking open and spilling into the unfolding future. This requires full attention to the present moment itself rather than its contents, the sort of attention you only seem to get for extended periods with those with severe disabilities or painful illness/injury, where each breath, each movement, each moment is a laboured ordeal requiring utmost concentration. Such people are really present, and although they may start off angry or bitter or frightened or just plain sorry for themselves, these emotions quickly dissipate since they don't help – they do nothing but waste energy – a luxury ill afforded. And because such people are getting something fundamental right, which most of us get fundamentally wrong, their company should be sought and treasured rather than shunned.


a simplicity, an impoverished surface


Spirit changes everything.

Thinking is fine but to put any real store by it – how stupid can you get?