17 February 2024

my ecological and ontological preoccupations have always demanded to come first and only after that has any more exact strategy emerged
from cowardice to courage
from distraction to concentration
to find the true home you must first leave your false home: tribe  family  self

16 February 2024

there may be no unteachable children but there are plenty of unteachable adults
A student asked recently why my Zoom classes are all Riding Horse and variations thereof. Well in Taiji the first thing is sink & relax: releasing to gravity to drain out of the upper body and into the legs, and then through the legs and into the earth. Without this there is no Taiji.

15 February 2024

The sanctuary of the heart is dark. Nothing can be seen or known there, nothing sought.
we relax chronic tensions and install a dynamic tension we call concentration

14 February 2024

intimate & impersonal
attempts to clarify & simplify will inevitably lose detail & nuance
A good teacher is never afraid to say: I don't know. Then she can either keep mum or waffle on regardless.

13 February 2024

A human being is God’s being temporarily clothed in human attributes. God’s being is a human being divested of its qualities.
self-awareness requires awareness of the other's awareness of me

12 February 2024

infinity is everywhere if only we wake up
reality renders us speechless
this is astonishment
cogito ergo (hic) non sum : I think therefore I am not (here)

11 February 2024

there was something subterranean about him, as if he had an underworld refuge
pray for peace
(start with inner peace)