Leave your thoughts and sink into your energy, and try not to drift back into the mind.
Back in 1980, against the advice of all who knew me well, I started a PhD. After doing all the necessary work I got bored and, like many research students, struggled to write the thesis. By 1984 I had pretty much resigned myself to not completing. Then I got a bossy girlfriend who convinced me that if I didn't finish I would spend the rest of my life regretting it, so I buckled down and wrote up. About ten years later my teacher took me aside and we had a little chat:
"Finishing that PhD was one of the worst decisions you ever made."
"Why's that?!"
"Because it's put you on top of something you may never climb down from."


Every thing represents a vain attempt to express an ever fleet and fugitive truth.
Some things have to change. The most fundamental being the way I relate. I can't expect life to come to me. I must learn to stalk.
Understanding changes as my energy improves with the work.

Happiness is not a right or an entitlement but an engagement. It's what I feel when I forget to be unhappy.
Empty the mind and fill the heart.
Meditation is a time to sit still and let Nature come to you. The image of Milarepa or St Francis sitting in the forest, singing their silent songs, surrounded by listening animals.
A real change requires a complete reevaluation of every aspect of my life, and a willingness to drop those aspects that no longer work.
Go to the limit. If you don't you won't wake up and you'll never improve.
The desire for new connections. This is what keeps us young. Not so much new things to connect to, which would require an expansion of territory, but new ways of connecting, which requires an intensification, an improvement in my energy, a deeper understanding.
The mind can find a justification for anything, which is why it is so important to listen to the heart.


Meditation struggles to retrieve and develop the prelinguistic mind: the mind before words, before mediation. In fact, it is a mind devoid of any signification. Such a mind does not think in the normal way but it does work, largely through intention, by intending energy into a vector, a direction, a flow. So, for example, the lowly amoeba does not think, not in the way we do anyway, but it does intend otherwise it would not move or envelop.
Technology enables complete idiots to do amazing things.

Mindfulness is awareness, not of things but of connexions.
"If your mind is empty it is ready for anything, open to everything. In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's there are few."

Shunryu Suzuki


Mindfulness is about becoming more aware, about seeing connexions. Heartfulness is about filling those connections with feeling, energy, love through touch. Mind aims for clarity and wisdom: enlightenment. Heart for life and passion: transformation.


Chronic tension is the result of worshipping false idols: of holding on to concepts that may at one time have been useful but which now only hold me back/in.