The place where spiritual comes natural and natural becomes spiritual.

Understand that the destination is the journey. We are always arriving, if only we’d wake up to the fact. The path – The Way – is endless and, at every point, continuous.
Use words as though they’re either blessings or prayers, which, of course, they are.
Waking up to the horribly beautiful thought that nobody reads my words.
Finding new words to say the same old things. In a sense this is what the work is – a perennial struggle to keep things fresh.
We have lost our spiritual connexion with Mother Earth and Father Sky. And so we are lost ourselves.

I don’t care how qualified you are, if you’re not a good person then you’re nothing.
Without a good connexion to Earth you’ll never learn to reach for the stars.
In normal life the legs are used to stand up and get around. In Taiji the legs are used to grab the ground and generate energy. There is a world of difference. A world of softness.
We had a teacher at school who insisted that his pupils wouldn’t learn a thing if they didn’t have good posture. So we sat up straight, off the back of the chair, with feet flat on the ground. I guess then he had thirty or so bright eager faces to contend with. When pupils listen then the class teaches itself.
Piss or get off the pot.


a gravitas and at once a light, one might say the light of stone
Sit into the leg rather than stand on it. The erecting spine takes me up as the bending leg takes me down. This is Central Equilibrium.


Familiarity breeds contempt. It’s the unfamiliar, the unknown, the unbeknownst that keeps us fresh and on our toes. This is a principle that works at every level. So, as practice provides facility and expertise and the possibility of careless ease, there should be a scouting spirit always at play, on the look out for the next problem that will change everything. When the student catches this then progress is assured.

Not more of the same but different. Unless you’re content with a war of attrition.
Treading on hoarfrost
Solid ice will come.