Thoughts come and go. Feelings come and go. Find out what remains.


Most work to live but the good student lives to work.
The Taiji master is a wolf in sheep's clothing. A fierce yogic warrior swathed in a disguise of softness. To mistake that disguise for the essence of Taiji is to be fooled by appearance.


The winds of grace are always blowing, but you have to raise the sail.
Any kinks in the spine, and the energy simply won't reach the crown.

The joy in touch – the haptic; this the best medicine.
the “cellular” experience of bonds tightening between beings.
The first 30 years are all about quantity – how much practice can I get under my belt. Then the second 30 years are all about quality – refining the work until a fineness of spirit abides and abounds all the time.


Things go wrong when the mind refuses reality.


You’re either in love, which is leading you to uncertainty and excitement or danger, or you’re not in love.


The notion of saving the planet has nothing to do with intellectual honesty or science. The fact is that the planet was here long before us and will be here long after us. The planet is running fine. What people are talking about is saving themselves and saving their middle-class lifestyles and saving their cash flow.
Like a helium balloon: a continuous elastic enclosing skin containing a substance aching to burst free and lift upwards.

Go at the world – at life – armed only with a handful of beautiful principles.
The scientific mind, properly exercised, is built on two principles: a principle of curiosity and a principle of respect. Without curiosity there is no desire to uncover and discover, and without respect one finds oneself polluting the area of investigation.
Being interested means I am in charge. Being fascinated means that something else is.

Instead of incessantly talking to oneself, lift the heart and head and talk to God. This is the religious turn. Talking to oneself creates masturbatory loops that eventually collapse in on themselves and cause depression. Talking to God – that omni/presence both near and far – closest and furthest – lifts and extends both attention and affection, generating a gentle clarity – a light – essential for respectfully negotiating reality.
A spirit itching to play yet ready to fight, and vice versa.