“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
During meditation I sit in the field (of gravity) knowing that if only I am quiet enough something will happen. What happens is always a surprise so knowing doesn't really help, other than maybe motivating me to sit in the first place.
"Man seeks himself in everything — even God."
Sin is the act of putting the self (and its extensions: family, race, species) first. The only viable way out of sin (and therefore into grace) is to become ecologically aware: to be constantly mindful of interaction, interdependence and interplay – in a word: communication; especially the listening component.


Strange that the average intelligent person realises full well that they couldn't possibly attempt rocket science or brain surgery without at least a decade of full time dedicated study, and yet they dabble with astral projection or lucid dreaming or other highly advanced meditation techniques after a weekend workshop. And all because they are greedy for experiences they feel entitled to but don't actually deserve.
You'll know when you get it right: you'll hear the angels rejoicing.


Truth is always approximate.


A heart forever breaking.
"What I would like to call love is a renunciation of the demands of a self that wants to exert power over the other, a renunciation that would accept, without giving in, so good-heartedly, to deliver itself, to open up, to give rise to the other while respecting them, and that, is love itself."
Catch the ruthless thread. Quieten the mind, feel the continuity of the breath and observe what collapses when the mind starts thinking. That is the ruthless thread with which you haul yourself to freedom (from self) if that is your want.


Work religiously.
For Heaven's sake.


The energetic path through body, from sole or seat to palm or head, should be clear and even, uninterrupted and unhindered. Then, and only then, palm and face contain and proffer heart and love.
On the veranda of a vast estate...
Touch: to come into contact with and perceive – exchange energy.

Everything touches; everything perceives – feels.

Relax the touch until it becomes everything.

Touch and bleed.
In greed and laziness we turn the world into a convenience, and then whinge like spoilt brats when we get bored and depressed.
"the entire web of relations that make possible our lives"


I am always struck, when teaching meditation, how much the spirit improves when the student progresses from chair to floor. Even if you need a high pile of cushions, it is preferable to sit crosslegged than chairbound.