"Wildness… It is perennially within us, dormant as a hard-shelled seed, awaiting the fire or flood that awakes it again."


Experiential materialism: the bourgeois order of the day. Where shall we holiday this year darling? What new territories can our tired flat minds colonise next? What trophies await us, ripe for the taking?
Modern education values an enquiring mind over a faithful heart. Our work rights the balance.
When you soften the grip of fear then structures tumble, heart lightens, and spirit lifts: up, up, up. This is the entirely natural process we ignorantly spend most of our time and energy either resisting or avoiding.


"Communication is mutual feeling with someone, not a didactic process of information."

I asked my mother about her recent trip to Australia. She said it was lovely: spending six weeks with my brother and sister and their respective kids. Then she paused, adopted a confessional tone, and told me a story:
"On the flight over I sat next to a 23 year old lad and we chatted and chatted and he told me his whole life story, and how he wants to be a film maker and how he's going to Australia to work on a film set. And then we disembarked and he went his way, and then, as I was waiting at the carousel he suddenly rushed up, gave me a lovely hug and rushed off again. And you know what I remember most about the whole trip is that explosion of warmth as he genuinely hugged me. Why's that Steven?"
"Because you're a real person living in the real world I guess."
So beautiful the way death puts things in perspective.



Sign in train carriage this morning.


"Range after range of mountains. Year after year after year. I am still in love."


Crown back and up, heart forward and up.


"It is necessary to study these words you have written, for the words have a longer history than you have and say more than you know."


Unlock the chest, and share the treasure.
Reevaluate all values and valuables.
Thinking is a turn away from tenderness and tears; the arrogance to make a world without pain. Spiritual work is a turn towards the pain, into the pain, not to understand it or alleviate it, but to live it and pass through it.
"Things explain each other, not themselves."


Ultimately it's all about salvation.