Clearly distinguish a things truth content from its factual content. ​
Is all I'm doing is suggesting and recommending an alternative. It's the principle of movement or change. Movement helps you find the part that doesn't move, change reveals what does not change.
The teacher's job is to wake up the student's spirit and bind it to a line of work that will keep it focused and occupied for at least a lifetime.
Taiji is all about balance. In a sense, we never move because everything is balanced but in another sense we are never still because we are always balancing – catching our balance.
On the up.

As students we all contain good, mediocre and poor, so the path is never easy. In fact much of the time it is a downright struggle. The secret is to keep things moving, and by that we mean circulating because in Taiji our movements, even conceptual ones, are always circular.
A fighting chance.
You know when you're tipsy (merry) and everything is funny and everything is beautiful? Well that's enlightenment, in a way. The task is to dwell there without the booze.
As we make our environment safer we rob it of the potential for spirit – we make it a place where ego dominates.
The spirit of delight comes in small ways.

Raise a smile.
Teaching in London last week, it was revealing that the comrades whose energy had improved the most since last time I was there were the two whose wives are struggling with cancer.
Without a root it's not Taiji.


Thought is after the event, never an event in itself.
I like the small things, the nearness, the quietness … crumbs, droplets, seconds.

The stupidity of the bourgeoisie is not that they believe their way is the best way (that is their arrogance) but that they really believe their way is the only way.