The whole idea is that something other than self dominates my being.
Tension stops things happening. Tension makes things happen. Relaxation allows happening: allows fortune to unfold.
"If I knew where I was going I wouldn't go there."
Fight fascism. Inside and out.


Mind coils round bones and being, gently but firmly squeezing. This we call concentration, then sobriety, then maturity.
There's more to destiny than breeding brats in our own image. Destiny is to become free, not to enslave those we love most. The most precious thing you can give a child is a taste, a thirst, for freedom. This can only come from example.
Progress comes when the student learns to abandon positions of strength: wealth, health, reputation, etc. Such positions, whilst they can be springboards, are more generally shelters concealing weakness and infantility, and so, if they are used to embolden, the ensuing courage is short lived and liable to result in injury to body or soul. To gain freedom of spirit I must first lose everything else. Who nowadays is ready to even countenance such sacrifice?


There are things, structures, and there is energy, communication. Two different worlds. Things are made of smaller things, and, ultimately, they too are energy, but energy frozen rather than energy flowing and free. If there were no things then there would still be energy. Things represent a drastic slowing down of energy. Without things energy would travel infinitely fast and there would be no time as such…
The Bourgeois Fallacy, Part 15:
Standard of living determines quality of life.


Relaxation, once it's passed the obvious – the trivial – must become an ethics, otherwise it'll do a damage.
The masculine mind (what the philosophers call logocentric and the feminists call phallogocentric) cannot exist in and for itself. Instead it searches for the high ground from which to observe and judge, constantly comparing, endlessly measuring, with a neurotic febrility that its rationality vainly struggles to conceal...

The sole purpose of the masculine principle is to fertilise – to complete with spirit, to animate, and then withdraw, and die, leaving the feminine to parturition and nurture. It is operant: it fights and fucks; or, at the most, flees, to fight another day...

The difficulty for men is then, once the kids have fled, to justify their continuing existence. And this is why life traditionally starts at fifty. A new life free of the imperative to do one's masculine duty. A spiritual life, a life working to dissolve the folly of masculine hardness, and recover, re-discover, the feminine ground/mind...

Spiritual work struggles to find, clean, and nurture spirit, only then to let it go in a final act of sacrifice.
Endeavours to dismantle ego very quickly become another ego trip. This is why it must take time, a lifetime, indeed, modestly chipping away the granitic block until at least some of it (hopefully enough) is rubble and dust. The conflagration, the ashes, must await the end. Until then it is spirit that smoulders as it patiently attends each rendition, each dance to death.


"The hard bit is how not to compromise."
The masculine mind tends to invest its position with authority through the spirit of seriousness, and by so doing works against energy.
Good grace comes from good faith, from authenticity.


Above all else guard your heart for everything you do flows from it.
Refinement is a process of releasing those parts that appear to be fused together.
Let the wick of your life be consumed completely by the gentle flame of the work.
Sink into your energy. Relax your mind. Relax into your energy. These are phrases I'd hear all the time from my teacher. He always felt I was a particularly lost case when it came to the strangling dominance of my logocentric mind: a mind centred on the word, the law, the acute observation, the sharp reflection, the skewed refraction The trouble is that when you've passed through the system, especially the education system, with flying colours, then it is next to impossible to even conceive that the mind can simply be in and for itself instead of fearfully grasping for points of view outside itself from which to launch its scathing critiques. The required turn is from the masculine mind, with its irreparable insecurities, to the natural feminine mind, which, assuming it hasn't been repressed, corrupted or weakened by the masculine, is simply a sea of energy.