Central equilibrium. An uneasy peace. Dynamic, delicate, dangerous.


Pain is part of the game.

Softness enables natural shape; allows nature to take shape.


the wild spirit of antithesis and paradox
Something wonderfully reassuring about being proved wrong. Of course you knew all along but were stubbornly clinging to an outmoded model, and can now let it go with a smile.
A practical philosophy reveals a love of wisdom through practice.
If you’re a child, there’s nothing more fun than going downhill.


Selfhood is a side effect of the coarseness of consciousness; the inner life is too subtle and transient to be known to itself.

Language and its use has far more to do with the desire to deceive and manipulate than it does with any urge to illumine or enlighten.
Philosophy – love of wisdom.
The wisdom of love.
A practical philosophy – putting wisdom into practice through love.
Putting love into wisdom through practice.
The wisdom of Taiji is in its principles.
The daily practice of Taiji – a journey through principle into love.
The first principle.
Love of God.
Then we realize what we knew all along.
Only God is real.
All else fleeting figments of the divine imagination.


When my teacher first met his own great Taiji master, one of the first things Dr Chi asked him was what aspect of Taiji interested him the most. John said: Pushing Hands, to which Dr Chi replied: Ah, good; me too. John told me in that moment he realized that if he’d answered The Form, or (God forbid) the Martial Applications then that would have been the end of the relationship.
People are given a false alternative: the choice between an unenlightened belief and an enlightened unbelief.

Plow your own furrow.
It's not the dread upon your head, but the love in your heart that makes you Rasta.
Practice keeps us on the straight and narrow.

I♡Techno. The affirmative heartbeat. Simple, unresolved, endless.
To bypass consciousness without becoming unconscious it is necessary to get into energy.