"Whatever proves an obstacle to our mechanisms of wish fulfilment, or our fantasy of reality, is real."
Simply put we have two aspects. We have surface self represented by ego and we have deep soul represented by spirit. For most of us the former dominates, especially on the day to day. Spiritual work is any activity that aims to weaken ego and strengthen spirit so that the soul can, at least for a little time, be acknowledged and put to the fore.
"Victory over fear is the first spiritual duty of man." Creating a safe environment in which fear never seems to appear is not the answer. It is what we call avoidance.


"Taiji is not difficult, it is impossible."

Spirit makes the impossible possible. When spirit rises it is as though a light has been switched on, and suddenly you can see, and it's all rather straightforward and easy. But without that light everything is a real struggle. A poor teacher demonstrates externals. A good teacher helps you find the switch.
"Bread for myself is a material question. Bread for my neighbor is a spiritual one."
Don't be mistaken into thinking that just because you have the words, the vocabulary, you also have the knowledge. Acquiring knowledge is a long slow process of making the words your own – discovering what they really mean besides anyone's, especially your own, opinion about them.
Love for God is simply the very natural tendency of spirit to lift upward, like a vapour rising from the chest, the heart. God's love for us is simply the very natural draw from above, from outside, from the Other, a constant call to our spirit to acknowledge, lift and love. Two sides of the same coin.
"Freedom is the power to create out of nothing, the power of the spirit to create out of itself."

Don't you find it irritating when someone asks, "What are the benefits of Taiji?" I used to waffle on about relaxation and health and strength, not believing a word of it myself, but now I usually answer, "It makes the world a better place," or, if I want to get my own back and be really irritating in turn I say, "It keeps God happy." Then the response is, of course, "No, I mean what are the benefits for ME." End of story.
Imagine the almighty sigh of relief the Earth would breathe if 99% of humanity disappeared overnight. Some indictment…
Excess or lack, they both work. When one has plenty, surplus to needs, an excess, then there is the confidence to play, a lightness of spirit. When one has not enough but the task must be done then necessity will, if you let it, rouse fighting spirit and a miracle will happen.
Being in love. Falling in love. That blissful achy breaky heart of love. A natural state. A natural process. Love (is) natural process. And this is why we need God – to give focus to love, to purify our love.
The leaves are gathered round the window like pointed ears.

"in the penumbral light of a virtuality that is neither being nor nothingness"
I have a student here, a psychotherapist, who insists that most peoples' problems stem from an inability to spend time alone – a fear of loneliness. And I think I agree. Yet her idea of being alone is to spend an evening sitting in front of the TV pigging out on a large tub of ice-cream, so I guess there are degrees of alone. Meditation is, if you like, pure alone time – solitude without even your thoughts for company; time spent listening to what tentatively emerges from the shadows when we are, truly, alone.


"To transform the paralysis into aporia, to break a path for myself..."
Without alibi.