"You shouldn’t eat animals, it’s mean to them."
By all means use sometimes to be alone.
Salute thyself: see what thy soul doth wear.
Dare to look in thy chest; for 'tis thine own:
And tumble up and down what thou find'st there.


Mind in dantien; a yielding mind; a playful mind. A dantien that yields and plays. A gut that digests and sympathizes.
For the Daoist collapse is death.
Settle in for the long haul; in an unsettled sort of way.


A depressed heart is one that does not jump for joy at the drop of a hat. A depressed mind is one whose powers of reason have choked the imagination. The reasonable sensible mind is a concession to the herd, the conventional, and has absolutely nothing to do with true listening or compassion or creativity.
Mindfulness must, at some point, move into heartfulness.
True listening is always transformed by what it hears. This is softness – in action.
The secrets are meant for the heart and not the head. That's why they're secret. If the head finds them out then they go straight to the head and stay there, always for worse. It then takes decades of dedicated work, dismantling everything you've ever been taught, to find heart afresh, your own way, so that you can start all over again, from a fresh heart.
Mind, once it stops whining and accepts its duty to serve the heart, is the icing on the cake.


"Listen with the eyes; see with the ears; then energy will be perceived."

Let the eyes gently scan the world, picking up moods, energies, connexions as they do so; train the ears to pierce the hubbub, discern its many layers, locate its many sources. Ambient seeing; analytical listening.

Another technique is to conceive each sense as a different aspect of the tactile, of touch – the haptic. And touch is always seductive. So, when my eyes settle on an object they caress and explore that object rather than freeze it in a rigid gaze. And when my ears hear they coax and embrace not only the sounds themselves as they enter my ears, but the sources from which those sounds emanate, which requires fingers of listening to reach out and connect. And touch is always two-way: whatever I touch also touches me, so when I look and see some thing something of that thing enters my being through my eyes and touches my heart; the same when I listen and hear.
A strange culture we live in: where sponging off your parents until they die or are bled dry is considered de rigueur, but stealing from corrupt organizations and institutions is a terrible sin.
Restaurants: places where attractive flavours disguise bad energy.
The strongest lessons are bitter at the time, then sweeten in time.

Whatever slips the mind has my blessing.
Originally taijiquan was an education for young men: a method for harnessing and refining coarse loutish energy. Shaolin boxing (and hatha yoga for that matter) was developed to help slouching lazy monks raise their spirit and tone their body. Which, do you suppose, would do the modern depressed office worker the most good?