"I've never met a person I couldn't call a beauty."
Take Gan Eden – the Garden of Eden – to be the body – the temple. Then Adam and Eve are the male and female principle – yang and yin. Snake, the most interesting player, is energy, coiling, uncoiling, moving slowly, darting fleetly, around the body, always looking for mischief, for a play. Religion turns him into a devil – Satan's player – because he questions the validity of external authority, of the sovereign, and thereby, supposedly, threatens social harmony, status quo. He cannot help this, it's what energy does, it's a matter of principle. You must decide who to side with: the eternal external word or the ever-changing, ever-changable internal. If you choose the internal – snake – then, as you waken him through the work, he ventures out into world and you become real in the sense of energetic, of spirit, which you never were before in your previously obedient robotic guise.
Befriend the animals inside.
Every thing casts a shadow. The deeper you go the more interesting it becomes until that's where you dwell because that's all there is.
"you have precisely seven days before the dirt washes away to leave a vessel made of broken parts"
Spirit within challenges spirit without and vice versa.


"Violence makes the classes and the classes unmake violence."
The authority within that struggles, especially in this game, to keep ego in check, is mere superego – part of ego, installed to maintain a semblance of regulation. Anything that happens in thinking-time, in normal-space, is ego based and ego controlled.
Go the whole hog.


Reality is not observed but become. Participate. Partake. Party.
Time will tell.

Be deeply suspicious of everything you know, and naively interested in everything you don't.
Make your move.
True authority speaks a different language – appeals to heart not head.


Over consumption is unsustainable. That's the long and the short of it.
Trauma causes blockage. The frozen entity. Ignorance. Fascism – the intersection of ignorance and arrogance – the great delusion – institutes trauma as health and strength. This is why, for me, the bourgeois model, with its inherent conviction that it really is by far the best, is the most fascist of all.
Work hard, sleep well, then start again.