The idea is not free from the intanglement of multifarious Contradictions in the conception thereof

H. More (1712), quoted in OED under multifarious
Rooted & suspended


the disposition of our inner lives
if we occupy ourselves frequently in considering the nature of the free will and the many advantages which proceed from a firm resolution to make good use of it . . . we may arouse the passion of generosity in ourselves and then acquire the virtue

René Descartes
Once a root has been developed it is largely the purpose of the work to project the energy upwards – belly to heart – from where it will be more inclined to express itself in noble (selfless) action.


suspended for the moment
In nature there's no blemish but the mind



Not freedom of choice but free from the stress of having to choose – free of tension. So connected that there is no choice – my energy has already decided before my mind has registered that there is a choice.


Free from myself
the mind can only know what it makes

Steven B Smith
Fire the spirit


Everything teeming with life
Freedom is an achievement of reason that comes about through the harnessing of power and the proper understanding of the passions.

Steven B Smith
Spirit makes time leap – almost falter – exposing what's really here.
Taiji, like everything else, is open to corruption when energy stops (or never started) flowing – when circulation ceases. It is the flow, especially that up through my body from Earth to hand and beyond, that maintains ethical content – that makes it good.
I suggest you practice spirit

Chi Chiang Tao
tenacity & nobility