Breathe and feed the flame
make myth central


An archive of uncertainty
Psychosomatics: the field of study concerned with the relationship between mind and body.
I am drawn to wonder
Things held in the head hinder sinking.


Distance: that unique vacuum
impressed with rhythm

Ray DiPalma
The wise do not use – they join.
Our journey is down the path of the real. The deeper we go the more we are shaken to the core. This shaking crumbles and casts off everything superfluous – all the constraints to full being (love) and empty being (understanding).
all day


Every dance is a kind of fever chart, a graph of the heart.

Martha Graham
The trap of teaching is the tension of knowing.
Life is a forge.
Motile presence : an emptiness full of small movements : gentle urges to connect.
To be present I must be empty of knowing.


A spiritual life is one infused with spirit.
Heart is the willingness to change, and spirit is the energy of change.


When you start writing on a regular basis you begin to realize that the language is more beautiful than what can be said. Then it becomes poetry.


Correct posture is not achieved, but approached asymptotically. Tomorrow I shall be wiser, and everything will be different.


Mind comes into existence because I am afraid. A comforting distance. Thinking then builds on that fear. Physically it is a sacrum behind itself – out of place. Energetically it is a heart without courage.

a sky
full of

Laurie Duggan


I am not my body. My body is my home – my only real possession – and can only relax when I am relaxed within it. As a house feels good and welcoming when it's inhabitants are happy – content and generous.
The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein


Happiness is when I fill my body


An animal is in the world like water is in water.

George Bataille
A tendency to be
a rock to
kick and
natural foundation


We live in artificial times – all man-made. The food we eat – hybridized to Hell, Nature – sanitized and hemmed in, God, even, whatever's left, simply a figment of the imagination – us in disguise. Everything for profit: every action, from the next breath to the next thought. This is the habit we need to break. We must believe in magic again: reclaim our spirit and our magical body. It boils down to one proposition: trust connexion. Like a child.
Like water


holding still as when anything thrown straight up, stops,
hangs, free of its own weight, just for a second, split

can enter. Wealth of sudden fruit, call me
whatever you want.

Cole Swensen


Work & sing. Or at least sing.


It is not a profession to be a pianist and musician. It is a philosophy, a conception of life that cannot be based on good intentions or natural talent. First and foremost there must be a spirit of sacrifice.

Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli


Spirit changes everything


Great artists, rather than just getting involved with discipline, get to understand love and allow the love to take shape.

Cecil Taylor


A still mind is still mind.


First instruction: Sink & Relax.
Relax means let go – stop holding on.
Sink means become aware of gravity pulling at every particle.

Second instruction: Central Equilibrium.
Become aware of the equal and opposite reaction. For example, if gravity drags down then Earth thrusts up.

Third instruction: Energy.
Become aware of gravity as energy and of Earth as energy. Feel them flow in and through the body. Energy flows and body follows.

Fourth instruction: Continuous Present.
Become aware of moment to moment continuous presence. Be aware that absence requires tension and that a continuous presence requires energy.

Fifth instruction: Becoming – Turning.
Don't hold on to the moment – let it blossom into the next by changing view. Turning – into rather than away. Permanent revolution.


the fire
in the parlor