for us / a brightness / impelled to be uttered

Gael Turnbull
Become a good listener. Most teachers prefer to be the one listened to.


It's organisms that die, not life.

Gilles Deleuze
To polarize being and becoming is to misunderstand time. To polarize feeling and thinking is to misunderstand human being/becoming.
Confident not in what I know and what I do, but in what I am and in what I am becoming.


Heart is simply my response to the Other.


My lightness frees time and allows it to dance delicately rather than plod inexorably.
Softness is not resisting the natural process for each element, entity, moment to be alive in itself.
Discover the moment


In suffering there is an absence of all refuge. It is the fact of being directly exposed to being. It is made of the impossibility of fleeing or retreating.

Emmanuel Levinas
from the threshold of existence
Through togetherness we not only share the moment, we exceed the moment, and that excess takes us both beyond our wildest dreams. This is the miracle of togetherness – to be transformed and transported to a more meaningful time.


Not just down onto the Earth, and extending into the Earth, but sprouting upwards from the Earth. The same with the Other. Not only are my hands on their body, and my energy extending into their body, but my spirit issues as though from their body.


We need to consider the possibility that the world outruns any categories we might seek to use to capture it.

Todd May
Humility is remembering God
Heart rules, or should do
Softness allows heart to dominate


First things first. To get out of the mind and into the body. Not just the material body – body as mass matter machine – but body as energy, body as movement, body as passion & desire, body as mind, body as love, body as mystery, body as spirit, and body divine. The body is real in all its dimensions, and needs to be exercised in all its dimensions, otherwise that sad feeling of unfulfillment and lost time will prevail.
Rarely either or. Usually both.
Joy lightens – removes the mass from the situation – and everything becomes energy.
Time is of the essence


We name this calling into question of my spontaneity by the presence of the Other ethics.

Emmanuel Levinas
Passion writhes; fear freezes
The Universe is 5% matter/energy, the rest being 25% dark matter and 70% dark energy. So, at least 95% of what's there we know next to nothing about. . .


climb beyond the blur of sky
My only prayer is that my passion outweigh/outrun my fear.
Yielding is an ethical rather than technical concern. How to make the interaction good.


And he has chosen softness

Yehuda Amichai
Yielding is the process by which force is transformed to energy.

George Brecht


Tai Chi puts the devil in me
the passion of my non-knowing
Unsure of my self


The rock as a gentle shoulder.

Karin Lessing
Humility – receptivity. Ready to yield. Yielding mind. Technically it means the legs are always bending.


Love & humility. Love is giving of the heart; humility is receiving to the heart.
Central Equilibrium.
And prayer hems the dance – the day.


it involves us moving past our solitude without losing ourselves in the anonymous status of a false community

Maurice de Gandillac
The privilege of poverty
an objective uncertainty held fast in passionate inwardness

John D Caputo


A difficult one to learn, especially for those reared in a culture that spoils, is that the important things in life don't happen because I want them to, or because I demand they do, or because I pay for them to, but because I deserve them.


Real education is not about learning new things but about unlearning old things.


Dance precedes and succeeds work. To bring me into the fullness of my body, and give me the heart to contain and nurture what proceeds.
interrogation of silence
Lovers and madmen have such seething brains,
Such shaping fantasies, that apprehend
More than cool reason ever comprehends.



Let there be light. The light of the heart. This is the start of any work – a change of mind and heart – a change from mind to heart. From an open loving heart shines a light that illuminates other hearts.
a body is less an extended mass ruled by laws of gravity and displacement than a field of happenings in which one event can overtake another

John D Caputo


An ethic of love and excess
Nothing more stifling than safety


Heart is divine
Passion – spirit – life – intensity – movement – spontaneity – excess
Extend out of life's misery and into life's mystery
Grace fills empty spaces

Simone Weil
Tai Chi opens and explores the world of energy. It provides principles of balance, and the spirit to engage sources of energy: the Earth, the Heavens, the Other, Time, etc. It is learnt through a "Transmission of Energy" from qualified master to dedicated student. This dedication is expressed in the student's daily practice of Tai Chi, a practice that slowly gathers power and understanding.


Struggle to make ends meet


Practice happiness
grow both young and old at once
Passionately out of control



I thought I'd reached port, but found myself thrown back into the open sea.

Leibnitz, quoted by Deleuze


Open what is closed
a sustained sensitivity for the exceptional and singular
We think, we feel, we give and take