"intent / upon a current in the world"
the simple deep
seamless unraveling
confirmed by the surge

Ray DiPalma


Presence requires full awareness.
Tension in the jaw locks me into the unreality I am accustomed to – the one constructed in my head.


The fundamental fact of ego is separation. It is the wedge I drive between myself and everything else: others, life, love, the here & now, potential, destiny. It is an excuse to maintain the status quo – to hold onto pain and suffering as though it were a lifeline rather than the suffocating mire it really is.
it's to do with what's there – the twinkle and sense of humour

Jean Simmons


Relaxation requires support.
Thinking : "the clamor of ambitious logic"


Affection : connexion


Prayer is pouring the heart out to God, in supplication, adoration or whatever – begging for mercy – imploring admission. This is necessarily a passionate act and to do so my knees naturally fall forwards as my hands naturally rise to offer my heart. The knees of the heart.


Meditation is listening to a quiet mind.


My brain socialist
My heart anarchist
My eyes pacifist
My blood revolutionary

Adrian Mitchell


the priority of immediacy and force over understanding

Larry Eigner
An engagement that drives me deeper as it draws me out.


the path turns

don't follow it
wait to feel
the lure of it

Thomas A Clark

Can't recommend this book enough.
We need to find the place inside from which to spring – a spontaneous fount of creative expression, with no judgement and no holding back – a place of feeling and truth. When we touch and express this place then practicalities reveal themselves simply. It is just a matter of releasing feeling.


the mist of the actual


If I am rooted then my hands naturally find the root of the other, and if I am loving then my hands naturally find the heart of the other.


If the shoulders are relaxed then the arms feed directly into the heart and every action my hands make is made also in the heart.


To return to the sensory condition of the newborn and allow the senses to feed directly to the heart. This requires internal rewiring, and it requires us to respond with feeling and movement to every stimulus. Then life beams out of us rather than crushing in on us.
And feeling is in the expression.


I prefer to see with closed eyes.

Josef Albers


The truth is in the feeling.


Learn to be simple.


Thinking spins a thread then weaves the veil.
Create rather than survive. This requires a fully present spirit.


Apprentice is the beginner - the first years you work in a craft in the European sense you are an apprentice. That takes 3 or 4 years. Then you are a journeyman. You can go from one master to another and learn other tricks and other secrets.

Josef Albers


The heart is the seat of the emotions and the head is a hive of thoughts.


Don't resist tendency, exaggerate it.


How strange:
a weird assortment
of hidden cornerstones.


I believe in freedom regardless of form.

Wallace Stevens


The inevitable discord between truth and (wishful) thinking creates protest in the body : tension.
The liberty of word that poetry confers is poetry’s technique, not truth’s.

Laura (Riding) Jackson


The thinking mind is maintained and sustained with double-weightedness.


Forgiveness paves the way