Romantic delusion : someone else can make me happy.
The principle of hospitality.
Since every effort in our educational life seems to be directed toward making of the child a being foreign to itself, it must of necessity produce individuals foreign to one another, and in everlasting antagonism with each other.

Emma Goldman
Feel at home
dance meaning


A hospitable relaxation : extend a warm welcome to all.
Body : my own specifically and the physical world generally. Objects as vessels, vehicles and conduits for energy; and their interactions.

Spirit : that part of my vitality that engages reality : my readiness and willingness to fight or fuck.

Heart : raw and vulnerable – so open it hurts – in the face of the other. Boundaries melt and we fall in love and we make love : we create (glow/grow) together.


All love is originally love of touch.
Body, spirit, heart : connexion, expression, creation.
If you must search then search beneath belief.


Is all that's required is that I be still and listen to what's there. Then everything else follows – flows.
Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.

Albert Einstein


Relaxation without love is incomplete – external.

Photo: Corinna


Love springs internal


Today the young singers do not develop a basic vocal technique. They don't know how to breathe and support and project the sound... It's so unrelaxed. There seems to be no repose, no feeling of ease, no feeling of continual line, of breathing and projecting the sound, and the excitement of singing and giving it to the public.

Joan Sutherland
Is all we can know is our own body – by being fully in it.
Is all we can express is our own spirit – by being fully of it.


As the Taoists say, Life starts at 50 : the age at which I finally become fully aware that centre is within my body and not embedded mysteriously in ideology, teaching, tribe, romance or energy, and that happiness is simply being in, and therefore operating from, my centre. Then, and only then, every action drives me deeper into my centre, and the possibility of being drawn from that centre – of unhappiness – becomes ever more remote. Happiness in this sense is not a feeling of comfort or pleasure or contentment but a feeling – a knowledge – a realisation – of full capability.


Don't cheat


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Opening/closing is the breathing of my being. It is the motor that not only propels me through life but also draws life to and through me. It requires a strong and stable foundation to function at all well. This foundation is the support of my delicately aligned skeleton as outcrop of Earth : that is, me connected to the ground. Any work I do (on opening/closing) will bring me back, if I am at all honest, to the inadequacy of my internal quiet – the loving support I offer the life that flows through me.
Enlightenment is, I guess, what's left once the indulgence of self has finally lifted.
To understand Nature I must become natural : a part of Nature.


Falling into God's loving hands


Relaxation is light; collapse is heavy.
Stand on your own two feet


Ego – and everything it spawns – is the only unnatural thing in the universe : it doesn't belong.
More than enough is too much
Depression is a consequence of forcing the world to my own design : not listening.


Truth is lived, not taught.

Herman Hesse
Energy is the consequence of connexion
Action is the consequence of disconnexion
Yielding is internalization
The risk is in the release


If you don’t think you have the blues, just keep living.

Buddy Guy
Heart and knees together : both release to take me forward.
Tao is without limitation; its depth is the source of whatever is.
Truth resonates.

This is all there is (to communication).
To find interest in a place outside man's attention.

Hamlet Hovsepian


A soft person embodies a multitude of possibility : not just malleable but generously suggesting.

Just a reminder.


How do you take the risk?
Just don't think about it.


Spring is opening.
I can smell the different perfumes
Of the white weeds used in the dance.
Reaching the next level is a matter of ditching what I (think I) know : progress is not cumulative but revolutionary.


Connexion demands that I touch and leave interpretation aside. A task that requires me to be as vulnerable as I am present.
When I am fully present my body loses its corporeality and becomes energetic.


stuttering aorta
mortal song
unbidden and compact as the bud

Ray DiPalma
Don't trust the senses – we see what we want to see : our own reflection everywhere. If perception and hence conception cannot support (be trusted) then what can? Specifically : the connexion. Generally : the teaching.
Breakthrough comes with a weakening of resistance and a deepening of resolve. Both forms of softness.


The mind congratulates itself with extrapolation and satisfies itself with reduction.
Whether I learn what is to be learned is ultimately neither a matter of talent nor application but destiny : the confluence of life and work. Life's work.


The temperature of the mynde folowes the constitucion of the bodie.


The cost of freedom is everything.


The good student aspires to truth
The mediocre student is inspired by truth
The poor student derides the truth


Avoid trickery
When I take principle into my body not only the flesh and bone become imbued but the cells and even the molecules. This process of deep and intense internalization takes decades – a lifetime. It starts when the mind finally yields. Yielding mind.
A path fraught with pitfalls.
The poor student always thinks he knows best.


The good student is not only willing but destined to go all the way.
Ensure you teach to enlighten rather than to maintain the empire.


I can only know my own body. If I wish to know anything else I must bring it into my body.
It is difficult for a thoughtful intelligent person to appreciate that understanding in taichi has little to do with the mind. Understanding in taichi is embodiment : I understand a point of principle only once I embody it, a process that requires rigorous and lengthy training under a qualified master. The master may explain a little with words but only to assist the mind to come into accord with the body and stop getting in the way. The student who is unaware of embodiment will happily memorize his master's words and repeat them willy-nilly to his own students as though this amounted to transmission; it does not, it amounts to malpractice.

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The attack must be blind because there is nothing to attack.


Outrageous fortune : not to suffer but engage.

In other words, not a question of being or not being, but how to be AND not to be : how to be active & passive, aggressive & benign, giving & receiving, trusting & supporting, front-foot & back-foot, at the same time.


everything is antithetically arranged

Wilhelm Reich
The first requirement for good studentship is attendance.

Happy New Year