Everything done to strike a better balance
So let us melt and make no noise
It takes time to become what we already are


I believe that all humans have uchuiden or "universal memory." If we access our uchuiden, then we can express it through art, music, and other forms of creativity. Discovering one’s uchuiden is a journey that anyone can make. My work is an exploration of the mysteries of my own uchuiden.

Hisao Hanafusa


Everything has consciousness : even the stones
Change doesn't upset my balance: it is my inability to embrace change.
Sometimes intentional, sometimes not. The important thing is to contain all the elements that occur during the performance.

Tetuzi Akiyama
Intention is mind : containment heart.
The fundamental importance of quiet mind.


The cultivation & development of spirit depends upon the ferocity of ones engagement with the right life.
the reality of spirit is that of freedom rather than that of nature

Nikolai Berdyaev
Warriors – those who cannot accept the wrong life – will always find cross-energy.


What makes it all so very difficult is that everything has to change.
Determination, diligence, and daring.
The day depends upon how willing I am to wake up.


Awareness of spirit through spirit
Be light
Giving completes the circle