It's a strange world we live in where goodness is equated with fearfulness.
I asked my teacher once where he felt his root and he instantly pointed to the crown of his head.
Imagine a magnificent tree in full Summer leaf, and imagine the strength of bole required not only to support the crown but to project nutrients and energy into the boughs, branches, foliage and beyond. This is the strength we need in our lower spine – the strength to whip energy from Earth and legs into the finger-tips and beyond. (In this analogy our legs are the roots of the tree – already deep in Earth.)
Take a limited subject and spend an unlimited time on it, until it opens up.
"When I was young I was too busy, and now I'm older I'm too tired."


The moment a thing is named ... is the moment it begins to lose its energy
Make the Tao an offer it can't refuse.
a space of the unfolding of destiny


Everything is personal.
defy the gravity of existence
Spirit is the great destroyer – it rends connexions that weigh us down.
We become ineffective when possessed by things (objects, ideas, emotions) rather than by spirit.
coiled in the labyrinth of an ear


Pattern (regularity, symmetry) indicates pathology.


to regain a space for the secret


embrace contradictions


Sacrum brought in line


The search for causes is an immense misunderstanding, a deep-rooted superstition that prevents things, events from occurring as they are.
an inextricable reciprocity
faith via mystery


a pure, entire, and absolute suspension of judgment