Love is rounding the corners.

One of my students said this to me after I taught her Crossing Hands this morning.


Here's a clip ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Bv5gyPa6pA ) of me improvising thru part of the long form. Some of what came out took me by surprise hence pauses and repetitions.


The difficulty with communication is not so much saying what you have to say, but making what you say be heard. The message is always you – what else can it be? Truth simply means the expression is of your essence rather than of your conditioning. Communication requires yielding – listening – joining and empathising with your company so that you seep in and draw – seduce – that attention into your truth to make a fuller reality for all. Turning (the tables) must be natural – must take you both unawares and by surprise. Truth only really exists in its sharing.

Put the mind in belly & sacrum so that you look up into & thru the heart rather than down from the head.


Chung Kit-lean (1957-97)

Andy McDonough
The whole idea in putting the other first is that you are constantly stepping outside the closed system of self.


One message

When I left home (Manchester) at 18 to attend the University of London, my father took me aside and said "Hey lad, would you like me to tell you the secret of life?" Of course I was all ears so you can imagine my shock, horror and disappointment when he said, sincerely and honestly, "Money!" Thankfully I took a different path to his, not out of choice but because of different temperament and conditioning: he had been spoilt rotten by his parents (beautiful though they were – they knew no better), and I had been beaten senseless by him. Or maybe he beat me to my senses: who knows. Who cares. The most difficult thing for a child is a parent who gives mixed messages, and I suspect this is the most difficult thing all round – the reason for most of the pain and fear we are all filled with. To live and give a life that projects just one clear and beautiful message is what we all strive for, consciously or unconsciously. That one message must be your essential nature. This essential nature finds expression through love. Love heals and makes whole. The more whole you are the more you can love, and so on and so forth. If this path/process is maintained through a life, after the penny has dropped – after enlightenment, then the rarest thing on the planet is created and realised – a person who expresses only that inner nature. A true lover.



Correct decision – correct action – always gives a boost. The energy for the action lies in the act itself, if it is right. Correct action is that that takes one closer to freedom. Freedom is being unhindered by the past or the future so that one's loving nature can express itself in all its glory. Love is the impetus that brings meaning and connectedness to time unfolding. Love makes one little room an everywhere. It brings all together.

Photo: Lyndy Stout, New Zealand, 19xii06


These two shots taken about 20 minutes apart.


Heart Salutation

Apologies for the silence: I'm enjoying myself & the last thing on my mind is blogging. I'm staying an extra week as well so back in London 15 January. Here's me doing John's beautiful Salutation by the Dead Sea.


Picture by Boris Kravitz – the guy in the wooly hat in the photo above.


Feiyue shoes

Wearing these shoes for work. They're pretty good - wide, good grip, cheap - but small fitting so measure your feet before ordering.
Moments are forever if only we let them be.
A vale/veil of tears.