Whatever is leveled at the Other (object) also passes into the Self (subject). This is the fundamental law : flow is always bi-directional. Karma. The eternal return.


The feet should touch the Earth in the same manner that the hands touch the Other.
we no longer have the energy to believe


An arrow shot by an archer
or a poem made by a poet
should cut through your heart,
jolting the head.
If it doesn't, it's no arrow,
it's no poem.


Nothing to prove


the 'surreptitious religion' of 'rational discursiveness'
The illusion of choice is a product of resisting the inevitable


The reason God is dead is not because he doesn't exist, nor because we have killed him, but because we no longer have the power or passion to be possessed by him. We with our civilized democratic complacency are truly forsaken.
we must drive to a delirious point of view
locked together in a twisting spiral of ambivalence


finding yourself anew together with somebody else
work with the industry of a slave and die with the reputation of a mendicant
I'm moving more and more in a field, the extent of which I do not know.
The man of the immanent quest
following the line of infinite flight
Free not to please (myself) but to change (my self).


here in the present tense, in the making, the doing, the feeling


the bearer of an affirmation without reserve


Ego is me opposed to you. The only way to befriend ego is to become perceived by ego as part of it, because, by definition, ego is always self-serving. And always mean – always taking; and if giving then giving to take. This is why Buddha recommends compassion – it is the one thing the ego cannot truthfully do. But ego will always deceive. Ego can easily pretend compassion in order to receive admiration and approbation – from others and from itself (pride).
that tense moment before the creation of the universe


The forces involved in the equilibrium we seek are immense, enough to force fluidity upon any solid. Within such a field I cannot afford to be interested in anything other than that equilibrium.


the quest for self-erasure


not evaluating, but adventuring


Security is far more deadly, or rather deathly, than insecurity. Deathly in the sense of reducing potential – reducing one's openness to change. Security can only ever mean secure in a future not really mine, because the fundamental fact of life is that the future can never be secure.
before there is any way to distinguish activity from passivity
The more an entity unifies its various dimensions around a distinct identity or self, the stronger the presence of Otherness – whatever is alien and inadmissible to that self. If this Otherness is ignored or rejected then it will eventually destroy the entity. Instead I must open to that Other or Otherness, invite it in and let it transform my identity.


Posture and spirit demand constant attention.
In order to have a correct perception, we need to have a direct encounter.