When you deny God then you deny a very beautiful part of your own being, which is a crying shame, but also rather dangerous. Now by God is all I mean is the upward draw on the spirit that becomes apparent when you get into heart-mode – heart-mind – accessed by quietening the thinking mind so that the faithful heart can come to the fore. Then it feels as though an invisible hand has reached into the chest to pull the heart up and out. If the mind is at all sceptical then it won't work, or at least won't be felt. The mind must naively believe – it must welcome external operation – it must be willing to fall upward into love. This doesn't, of course, mean that thinking is outlawed, it just means that thinking is not compulsive, is not necessarily one's first recourse, and can be switched off at will so that other faculties of mind and being can operate unhindered.

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