Remember when we were kids, school holidays were anticipated eagerly as the term drew to a close, and then enjoyed immensely once they arrived. And, being selfish children, we instantly assumed that because we enjoyed them then our parents did so too. It's only on becoming parents ourselves that it begins to dawn on us that school holidays filled our parents with exactly the same dread that they fill us. Well the situation is pretty much the same as spending time with your teacher. You assume that because her company is so beneficial and enriching for you then your company must be the same for her, when, in actual fact, the chances are she can't bear the sight of your selfish face nor the thought, let alone the presence, of your demanding, whinging ego. The teaching she offers is then whatever she feels you need to work on to make your company bearable. What she gets from the encounter is the opportunity to humbly cast aside her distaste and practice hope.

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