You know what it's like: some days you just don't want to go into work. You may be tired, hungover, grumpy, or just plain sick to death of the tedium. But you know you don't really have a choice, you need a roof over your head and food to eat so you steal yourself out of bed, shower (already feeling better), dress (that's smart), quick coffee (just what you needed) and then out of the door and on your way. And by the time you arrive the early morning blues are forgotten and you click into the job. Well it's exactly the same with coming to practice. It's always difficult and daunting, but for the sake of your soul – your real life – you steal yourself away from distraction and just get on with it. And without this daily grind – this beautiful act of faith – there is no real character development. You remain, internally, at worst asleep and at best an over-pampered child. "You are truly blessed to know you have no choice."

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