Break the box.


If connexion's the be all and end all then I need to be constantly aroused: ready to fuck. Or, to put it less crudely, so ready to give and receive that my arousal wills exchange.


Put your back into it.


If there are to be laws, we need ones that
Begin with the acceptance of poverty as a way of life.

John Cage


The desire for identity (all desire can be reduced to this) is the disconnecting – anti-natural – force in our lives.


Everything is a trap.
A useful sensitivity isn't so much feeling myself as the world bears in on me, but feeling the world as I bear into it. The former personifies the world – forces what I feel to my own image – I feel myself in everything. The latter and I join what's there on its own terms – I abandon falsehood in search of the truth.


bark's cleft

a lichen

John Martone

Photo: Chris Laver
The self-immolating buddhist peacefully returning to the elements because he is no longer bound to the false notion that he could possibly be more than the sum of his parts.


The ego's prime weapon is rejection.
The real world is the one of connexion – the one we enter into when our energy extends beyond our physical and mental boundaries and we begin to prowl. Connectedness is a natural state but one we inhibit and repress with our fear-based tensions and anxieties: our insistence that we are something special. This repression becomes depression and we have the malaise of the average person: ostensibly content, reasonably happy, but beneath the well-behaved veneer, seething with frustration. This is the frustration of denial: wanting – needing – connexion at every level, and not getting it.


The sun's in my heart
And I'm ready for love


Every action is the result of interaction : the spur of the moment is always connexion.


Truth is revolutionary.

Antonio Gramsci


Ordinary waking – a time of insight – becomes capable between the contemplated, and it would once the waking.



If the mind is only the body's invisibility then the poem is merely the unreadability, the non-transparency, the opaqueness of that mind.

Pierre Joris


I hear the language of "not knowing."

Psalm 81:6


A threatened ego kicks up a storm.


Don't be limited by an inability or refusal to reach beyond your vocabulary : don't let your vocabulary define you.




Connexion is everything, and the more I practice the more this fact is at the forefront of my awareness. The connexion – its establishment and nurturing – motivates and governs every action I make and every emotion I feel. At this level it is not the waist nor any other part of me that moves the body, it is the connexion itself – the energy of and in the connexion. I simply serve and support the connexion; and the ensuing communication.


Between this moment and the next there is a gulf across which only spirit can leap. Without spirit I miss the moment the way a sloppy marksman misses the target. Without spirit life eludes me.


The impetus for turning is single-weightedness. Not just turning, twisting too.
The impetus for extending is turning—spiraling.


Double-weightedness is deathly.


Most of our vital energy is wasted maintaining, indulging and preening the ego.


Tense shoulders indicate lack of belief – a heart unable to open and relax into the support of god/nature/spirit/energy.


Eschew knowledge and understanding. Try instead trusting and believing.