The Bourgeois Fallacy

I was emailed yesterday with a request for the complete Bourgeois Fallacy, or what could be called A Bourgeois Manifesto – a set of flippant observations I made some time ago. A Manifesto of Spirit could be compiled simply by reversing each of the below – Freedom is freedom from choice; I am entitled to absolutely nothing; Death, pain and suffering are the best teachers; etc.
  1. Freedom is freedom of choice.
  2. I am entitled to the best of all worlds.
  3. Death, pain and suffering are best avoided.
  4. Propriety (property) is preferable to passion (spirit).
  5. Time is always reversible (it's never too late).
  6. The unknowable does not exist.
  7. Depression is preferable to madness.
  8. Talking makes things better.
  9. Consume and conform and everything will be OK.
  10. Society is necessarily stratified, with me in the middle: neither menial nor responsible.
  11. There's always someone else to blame.
  12. Wealth and health are the path to salvation.
  13. Thinking is the path to truth.
  14. Standard of living determines quality of life.
  15. Everything of value is quantifiable (money can buy you love).

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